The Process

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Meeting Set Up

A meeting set up with the client to extensively analyze financial goals, map out time frames and determine their risk tolerance.

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Analysis & Research

Proper research and file analysis is conducted to determine the best course of action to follow in order to achieve the financial goals of the client.

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Presenting a Solution

Portfolio recommendation presented, combining our client’s needs and risk appetite, along with our market views, suitable investments and projected political environment.

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Plan Execution

Upon the client’s review and approval of our proposed course of action, we proceed with the implementation of the plan with a minimal cost approach to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

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Monitoring & Reporting

We provide the client with periodic updates on global markets and portfolio investments. We also monitor the portfolio return on an absolute and relative basis to ensure it continually matches the client’s return objectives.

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Due Diligence & Risk Management

Managers and counterparties are monitored for the long term and on a continuous basis in order to predict, prevent and manage all operation-related risks.